Tuesday, July 9, 2013


re·vive  (r-vv)
v. re·vivedre·viv·ingre·vives
1. To bring back to life or consciousness; resuscitate.
2. To impart new health, vigor, or spirit to.
3. To restore to use, currency, activity, or notice.
4. To restore the validity or effectiveness of.

Revive Vintage Rentals was birthed by some true Texan gals. Their love for beautiful vintage pieces with a past blossomed this idea to bring their creativity to others. I mean, it is just not fair for them to keep all these beautiful things to themselves! Sherrie, Robin and Anna have a creative talent that cannot be duplicated...and they are proud to be Texas gals, ya'll!

Did you know that each furniture item is named after a town/city from this great state?

Alamo Heights Sofa

Castle Hills Settee

This sweet piece had an identity crisis. She came to the scene with a totally different look.
As many gals do these days...she decided blonde would be more fun!
She got a total makeover and now we call her the Sugarland Chaise. 

Amarillo Chair

Austin Chair

Kerrville Chair

Kingwood Chair

Highland Park Chair

Garden Ridge Sofa

Houston Sofa

Sweetwater Settee

Devine Loveseat

Please comment on our facebook page and tell is YOUR favorite town!

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